Shampoo Bar


  • Take anywhere shampoo bar.
  • Plastic free.



Do you have an irritated scalp? Did you know that most shampoos actually don’t have soap in them but are a mix of chemical detergents that try to do the same thing as soap? We make soap the way it’s been made for thousands of years. We just use a range of plant oils that are great for cleansing and are good for your hair and scalp. No more will your shampoo strip away so much of the oil from your hair and scalp to leave it so squeaky clean that your skin is dried out and irritated. No more will your scalp compensate by overproducing oil to rehydrate your head, leaving it oily and greasy. Make the switch and feel the results.

When switching from a regular shampoo to a castile soap give your scalp a week or two to calm down and get into it’s new rhythm. You might find your scalp more oily than normal, and need a double wash the first couple of showers. After your scalp slows down it’s oil production you’ll have greasy hair far less often and need to shampoo more infrequently.

Shampoo bars also save on plastic and are perfect for traveling. Take it on a plane or to the lake with no worries about TSA or the environment. These bars are great for hair and body, rich in lather and very cleansing, and the smell will make you feel like you are already at that tropical destination.



Get bar wet and rub between hands until a good amount of lather forms. Run hands through hair and wash. Best to follow with a pH balancing rinse.



Castile soap (distilled water, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, *sodium hydroxide, apricot oil, avocado oil, argan oil, cocoa butter), rosemary essential oil.


No sodium hydroxide remains after saponification.