Hair Food Scalp Serum


0.5 oz. serum formulated for healthy hair and scalp in an easy to use applicator.

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Scalp care is extremely important to growing and maintaining healthy hair. Each individual follicle of hair grows through the scalp’s surface, where it is then supported by the system of cells that make up the scalp and hairbase. Unfortunately, when the scalp is plagued by dirt and dead-skin buildup, flakiness, or dandruff, hair loss can be begin or worsen. Flakiness or itchiness can be a sign that your scalp isn’t being cleaned well enough, or it may be irritated by the chemicals in the product(s) you are using. Possibly initiating a yeast-like fungus or bacterial infection.

Through research we have carefully formulated our scalp repair serum to address the several reasons you might have dandruff, or flakiness, or itchiness. Combining natural ingredients, we were able to come up with a serum that tackles dryness and buildup, helps against the fungus and bacteria that causes infection and promotes a healthy scalp, and flourishing head of hair.

Olive oil moisturizes the scalp and helps remove funguses and bacterias, while Tea Tree oil is known for having strong antiseptic, antifungal, and antibiotic properties as well, thereby reducing the risk of infection. Jojoba oil is known for having anti-inflammatory properties, and vitamin E prevents excess oil production. Finally, Frankincense is known for being used as a disinfectant and natural astringent. It stimulates existing hair follicles to treat and prevent hair loss and it smells sweet and woody. This product is handmade with care in Richmond, BC and it is free of chemicals and preservatives.




Massage a few drops into the scalp once a week or more if necessary. Leave the serum in your hair for several hours, overnight works best. Wash hair as you would to remove the serum. This product is best when used within 6 months and stored in a cool, dry place out of the sun.



Olive oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e, tea tree essential oil, frankincense essential oil.